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Strategic sustainability advisers to business and for infrastructure management

Leading Green

Seeking excellence in strategy and execution

We seek well executed strategy in three ways:

1. By working closely with our clients and seeking buy-in at all levels throughout the engagement.

Our experience and depth of understanding of sustainability issues means we can fully engage with our clients. We strive for buy-in and will seek to help bring your people with us. We want the strategy to come to life, this only happens with the enthusiasm of all parties.

2. We seek a solid foundation of data on which to build our insight.

While all consultancies talk about a 'data driven approach', Leading Green’s unique ability is to help you identify the sustainability in business metrics and data streams that drive your decision-making needs and performance as a business leader. Over 25 years of experience at the forefront of environmental risk and management leadership gives us a unique position and our clients an edge they cannot get elsewhere.

3. We also offer hands-on execution services to ensure excellence continues from strategy into leadership and operational practice.

In organisations performance doesn’t start with the roll out of a policy or strategy. We believe that implementation with accountability is the key to greater sustainability performance, particularly when it is embedded within an organisation’s Business Strategy and Planning systems to help execute long-term goals and development. As a partner our experience has been forged in the real worlds of the private and governmental sectors.

Strategy Execution
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