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Strategic sustainability advisers to business and for infrastructure management

Leading Green

Our History & Our Vision

Leading Green’s founder, Ross Marshall, felt an added value model combining strategy and sustainability leadership at executive level was missing in the market. With a commitment to long-term value and quality in business performance beyond basic CSR reporting services, Leading Green seeks to help organisational leaders build through sustainability maturity in leadership teams, better organisations and businesses through strategy & sustainability management services in risk management, project delivery, cost optimisation, innovation and brand differentiation.

Sustainability in business is all about an organisation’s long-term development, and ultimately survival within its chosen market sectors. Developing its capabilities to compete and lead within radically changing business climates and its ‘license to operate’ in any community or environment that seeks to enter.

Why Leading Green?

Leading Green's name was chosen to represent the dynamic nature of leadership in this sector with the objective of ultimately ‘getting green done’. Implementing sustainability is brutally difficult, it demands strategy, leadership and operational buy-in from all levels of an organisation. It is all about the outcomes executives and businesses desire. In this area, our brand continues to gain a reputation for integrity, authority and quality in business and infrastructure management.

Invest and Sustainability in Business
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