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Strategic sustainability advisers to business and for infrastructure management

Leading Green

Specialist Sustainability Management Consultancy services

As a consultancy specialising in sustainability, we seek to work with senior executives across industry and the public sector, we are uniquely experienced to undertake work which does not fit into the usual environmental or sustainability consulting project profile. When this happens, we use our experience and flexibility to tailor a specialist service.

Core areas include:

  • Sustainability in Business
  • Strategic Planning and Roadmaps for Sustainability
  • Corporate Strategy and Business Model Counselling
  • Asset Programme Delivery & Supply Chains
  • Operations Review and Sustainability Governance
  • Cost Efficiency within Infrastructure Delivery
  • Stakeholder Communications, Strategy and Planning

There is no such thing as a typical assignment - simply an unwavering focus on seeking out answers that fit the client’s needs and which through sustainability leadership help move the business or individual’s performance forward.

Questions often asked:

"I'm in charge of corporate sustainability - now what?

Where do we stand relative to our competitors?

We think we are doing the right things regarding sustainability, but what effect is it having?

Apple = different. Toyota = quality. Google = search. What one word do we want to own in the minds of our customers, employees, and partners?

How can we strengthen advice to the executive team and board on sustainability issues?

Executive Performance

Organizational leaders have tremendous influence on performance and results. Yet teams inevitably face challenges in their efforts to collaborate effectively. Leading Green works with groups to assess their efficacy, promote greater understanding and tolerance of different approaches and personalities, and implement organizational structures that optimize team functioning.

Questions often asked:

I'm the CEO. People want to know what I am thinking, I haven’t got a clue regarding sustainability?

How can I incentivise managers to engage?

How can I shape sustainability messages through to the Board and Leadership team?

I have a vision but lack the right communication skills. How can I launch it?

How can I improve engagement in sustainability internally?

How do I win the support I need to integrate sustainability into the business?

Creativity & Innovation through Sustainability

Creativity is one of the single most important attribute that CEOs repeatedly identify as important to them in delivering future business value. Evaluating the potential for increased sustainability within operations and product/service development is a proven approach that cuts across established organisational silo’s and engenders input throughout organisational tiers.

Through consideration of an organisation’s interaction with sustainability topics, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Megatrends and Stakeholder engagement activities, we can help you develop a fresh approach to corporate and operational business strategy. Our suite of brainstorming tools helps foster creativity and innovation within your team and focus them towards the delivery of greater business value.

Questions we have explored?

‘What should be our Big Green Hairy Audacious Corporate Sustainability Goal?’

Which markets, partners, clients, or other opportunities can add significant value to your business?

What should we stop to make way for the future?

What are your competitors thinking?

Facilitation of Leadership Retreats

“Don't just Talk, Act!”

A facilitated opportunity for an Individual, Board or Management team to work with sustainability specialists on real life organisational problems. The objective is to identify specific themes, and then develop the most appropriate organisational response to such to environmental or sustainability challenges through in-house project or investment tactical responses. This lends the work-shops much more impact and credibility, as senior management teams learn to work more closely together, and individuals can plan and develop business outcomes that their organisation can buy into.

Leading Green provides facilitation of customized leadership retreats for groups ranging in size from 5 to over 50 participants. Topics, exercises, and focus are aligned with specifics needs and intent of the event.

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