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Strategic sustainability advisers to business and for infrastructure management

Leading Green

In good company

We seek to work with companies and organisations that are working towards making sustainability part of their leadership ethos.

Although a relatively new consultancy. Over the last 25 years in industry, government regulatory affairs and infrastructure delivery we have been at the forefront of the most pressing environmental and sustainability issues many organisations face today - managing down investment risk, addressing climate change issues, poor sustainability performance in supply chains, management involvement and commitment to sustainability issues, Boardroom governance, and the need for stronger environmental leadership within complex asset owner and management organisations.

The clients we seek to work with are typically business leaders or sustainability professionals in organisations.

We support our clients at all leadership levels from Boardroom through to Operational team level and have established strong relationships with many UK national and international environmental governmental bodies, academics and thought leaders in the sustainability sector.

We would love to list our clients, of whom we are very proud. However, we are also highly discreet as many issues we have dealt with revolve around internal organisational architecture, senior leadership commitment and confusion over how best to align sustainability programmes with business value. Rest assured as a client, you will be in good company.

Strategy Delivery
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