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Strategic sustainability advisers to business and for infrastructure management

Leading Green

Sustainability in Business & Infrastructure Asset Management Consultancy services

Within experienced leadership teams Sustainability in Business is commonly used as a strategic tool focussed on long-term business growth; value chain benefits, strategic relationship with stakeholders (especially customers) and in specific sectors a means of legitimising an organisation’s ‘licence to operate’. Specific operations can require explicit executive focus on sustainability considerations.

Leading Green possesses the experience and skills to help support organisations address strategic moves in developing a Sustainable Business, drive Corporate Responsibility and bring forward Project and Change Management programmes.

Core areas include:

See below for further details, key questions often asked by organisations or contact us directly for assistance.


Aligning Sustainability Strategy with Core Business Strategy

At its core sustainability is focussed on supporting the long-term survival of an organisation, as it continually & strategically re-aligns its capabilities or behaviours to minimise its impact on people and their environments, in a manner that delivers growth, value and managed risk.

Most executives understand the significance of internal EMS 14001 systems or CSR activities, fewer still have recognised its benefits when aligned with an organisations Core Business Strategy.

Many organisations have allowed their long-term competitive advantages to erode in the pursuit of short-term gains, their executives failing to develop business strategies that allows them to think long term and eroding any innovation. Such organisations are typically market followers, unable to or with little desire to maintain any long-term momentum.

At Leading Green, we provide external support to leaders and teams who are seeking future routes for growth within their organisations, one that seeks to be ethical, socially responsible, sustainable, and profitable. With a clear focus on long-term growth and productivity, Leading Green advises on inward facing and external facing sustainability strategies, and our projects often encompass high impact areas such as sustainability leadership, vision & goal setting, governance and business planning.

Questions often asked:

Why? (Our personal favourite and the most powerful one-word question on the planet)

What are our biggest Sustainability risks, and how do we start addressing them?

How do I increase the prominence of sustainability & EMS with an organization’s strategic planning processes and Core Business plan?

How do I encourage greater input from the leadership, I need help in bringing life back into our ISO 14001 system?

Why should we continue to produce a Sustainability Report?

What do we need to start doing to boost environmental performance in the business?

Sustainability for Infrastructure & Asset Management

There is increasing pressure to develop new infrastructure globally to support a growing population and withstand climate and resource challenges. The next decade will see utilities and governments pump massive investment into critical, basic and large-scale infrastructure renewal and development projects. It is now imperative that infrastructure investment is viewed through the lens of sustainability before it moves through into development and delivery.

Potential environmental & community impacts associated with the investment, the risk to political consent or financing all need to be fully considered and integrated early into the ‘intelligent client’s’ strategy well before any start on engineering design. Downstream impacts such as risks to licences to operate, longevity and asset performance in the face of climate change and resource impacts also need consideration within the Capex and Opex budgets, to ensure that planned projects are costed, designed and can be delivered as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

With a unique focus from both the Asset Owner, Asset Manager and the Environmental Regulator’s perspective, and an international reputation as a strategic EIA & Consents thought leader we have acted as Client Adviser within both Private and Public sector project & investment boards for nationally critical infrastructure across the energy, water, renewables and waste sectors with a particular experience of climate change adaptation.

Our contribution as Client Adviser has literally saved $millions, improved design longevity, helped safeguard relationships with communities and stakeholders, and ultimately been a determining factor on how quickly development starts construction, and at what cost to the client.

We have with a forward-looking attitude towards sustainable asset management, the role of the ‘intelligent client’ and greening infrastructure and future transformation.

Questions often asked:

Sustainability and infrastructure Asset Management – where is the trade-off regarding ROI?

What potential Megatrends could make our business model obsolete?

What is ‘Proportionate EIA’, and how can I remove the risks of not ultimately getting consents to build & operate?

New types of competitors are entering the market, are my assets at risk of being stranded?

How "Green" are our assets and projects - How can we improve the Project Board’s risk management, governance, control, and reporting functions for this?

How should we integrate Climate Change into our business strategy & investment plans?

What is the smallest infrastructure delivery change we can make that can have the biggest positive result?

How do we measure intangibles?

Developing your own Corporate Sustainability Model?

Brand reputation or ‘goodwill’ can account for 80% or greater of a Company’s market valuation! In specific public, NGO and private sector organisations it is the key intangible ingredient regarding brand or service ‘trust’. Are you aware of the risk relationships between your ‘brand’ & sustainability?

Maturing skills in sustainability issues (emerging environmental, social, political & economic worldviews) has undoubtedly driven stronger executive performance in some organisations. Vision and strategy are two key roles in Boards or executive leadership – not its detailed planning but its goal setting! Moving sustainability up agendas from ‘EHS management process’ to a component within ‘executive strategy’ has helped focus leadership attention on the long-term ‘health’ of their organisation.

Leading Green can work with organizations whose Leadership are in the early stages of considering how to structure and develop their organisation’s approach to environmental sustainability, and the strategic role it can play in their business future. Our focus with leaders is to ensure that they have the confidence and support they need to set their chosen direction of travel, through the questions they ask and accountabilities they set on other managers or staff, that sustainability links into corporate plans and performance, and that investment in sustainability programmes deliver their anticipated results and outcomes.

In short our focus is centred on strategic sustainability business models that enhance organisational performance, efficiency, innovation and focus on long term growth, asset longevity, brand value and risk leadership.

Questions often asked:

What information is critical to our organization that our executives are ignoring? –

How do I get my managers to become more accountable for sustainability?

How do I prove internally that sustainability is a valid business model?

Consumers seem to be changing the way they make decisions - is this an opportunity or a threat, and can improving our brand through greater sustainability work for us?

How can we improve our risk management, governance, control, and reporting functions through sustainability?

Can I extend the scope of our EHS systems into Sustainability?

Governance, Ethics & Reputation

Sustainability in business is concerned with the manner in which a business and its behaviours interact with society. Organisations that have elevated their leadership approaches towards sustainability have benefited as their strategic systems reflect long-term financial & non-financial thinking. Others still focused on short-term profit risk allowing long-term competitive advantages to erode, resulting in tired brands and indifferent customers.

We help organisations identify who are the key stakeholders they are accountable too regarding sustainability issues, and help them devise the regulatory engagement, consultative or communication strategies to build strong linkages.

Facilitation of Leadership Retreats

Leading Green provides facilitation of customized leadership retreats for groups ranging in size from 5 to over 50 participants. Topics, exercises, and focus are aligned with the specific strategic needs and intent of the event.

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