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Boardroom Debate and Ethical Behaviour

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Sometimes it takes a stranger to start the debate a Boardroom has always meant to hold. It is common for Boardrooms to avoid contentious interpersonal subjects that lead to disagreement or open argument. This can stifle and restrict boardroom debate on ethical behaviors and unsustainable practices.

Most Businesses rightly regard themselves as being ‘Responsible’ or ethical in their behaviors. However, it should be a regular or annual event for a Boardroom or senior management team to set aside the time to discuss – How ethical? How Responsible? How Sustainable?

Examining these factors helps challenge group think and debate can examine what it currently entails to be ethical, responsible or sustainable in their current market sector.

Taking a few hours out to debate, to shine a light into the darker areas of the organization, its culture, and existing business practices can strengthen teamwork, governance systems, responsible management practices, and reputational practices. Developing a collective approach towards Boardroom debate and ethical behaviors can help define the leadership#s aspirations for the business, their alignment with customers and consumers, and the reality behind your brand’s advertising and marketing strategy.

Time spent debating within a Leading Green facilitated workshop has helped CEO’s and Boardrooms openly debate such issues as:

  • Delaying payments to suppliers?
  • Shipping out sub-standard products to meet deadlines whilst aware of flaws & faults.
  • Attitudes concerning diversity and stakeholder engagement
  • Procuring unsustainable materials rather than changing product specifications
  • Business ethics when chasing key contracts?
  • Openness & Honesty with customers over product performance? and
  • Importantly their own Boardroom behaviors!

Leading Green hosts confidential boardroom debates and training on business ethics and sustainable business practices. Allowing businesses to examine their practices and culture with a view to future change.


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