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Why I am tired of the statement ‘Our people are our greatest asset’

Reading Time: 2 minutes As soon as I see this statement in CSR reports, on websites and in marketing statements, I immediately dig deeper and look for positive proof that the statement can be backed up. I am often disappointed! This phrase is at risk of becoming a modern day cliché, and any CEO...

#sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership, communication, CSR, leadership

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Responsible Business: Jeans & the Circular Economy – Automobiles & the Old Economy

Reading Time: 4 minutes I was interested to read that several of the world’s leading jean brands have been working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to lay down a set of Jean Redesign Guidelines based on circular economy principles.  The new redesigned jeans will enter the shops next year....

air quality, automobiles, circular economy, jeans, transparency, Trump, vehicle emissions

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A List Of the 4 Core Values I have come to realise my Business Must Live By

Reading Time: 6 minutes 4 min read Core values are the fundamental beliefs that drive the behaviours of individuals – be they organisational leaders, public service workers or skilled professionals.  Through these values organisations are shaped, and leadership roles either become...

accountability, core values, effectiveness, integrity, responsibility

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8 Tips for New Sustainability Managers – The First Week, Month and 90 Days

Reading Time: 5 minutes Your first few days in a new job are always daunting, especially when you have been recruited to develop the existing culture towards greater sustainability by enacting a change in the organisation towards a business model that will be new, challenging and will need even the...

new job, new leaders

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Responsible Construction requires Responsible Management practices (Part 2)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Taking the First Steps into CSR for SME Construction Businesses Customers have power over firms – in highly competitive markets sector, customers have the option to switch supplier. The customer is King! All businesses recognise this and a key part of the business’s...

asset management, infrastructure development, project leadership, project management, strategic planning

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Responsible Construction requires Responsible Management practices (Part 1)

Reading Time: 4 minutes The hard days of being a start-up or one-man business are long gone, your hard work and ambition has built the business into a successful local construction player with an expanding portfolio and an increasing wage bill!  The days of day-to-day on-site hands on management...

SME, The construction industry

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Carbon Capture – but with a difference

Reading Time: 3 minutes Occidental Petroleum (Houston USA) has released plans disclosing the company’s intention to construct the world’s largest direct air capture facility in Texas oil.  What makes this investment stand out to Leading Green is the fact that it will be in partnership...

#carboncapture, #carboncycle, #carbonstorage, #climtechangeadaptation, #lowcarboneconomy

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