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Stranded Assets: Why Sustainability Scenario Appraisals are now part of smart business practice

Reading Time: 4 minutes Smart organisations, especially those utilities vulnerable to climate change or holding traditional fossil fuel investments now need to protect themselves. With increasing national regulations on carbon release, climate regulation and with consumers favouring more sustainable...

#sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership, asset management, Climate Change, scenario analysis, stranded assets

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Building a Responsible Leadership Culture

Reading Time: 15 minutes Committed to a Responsible Leadership Culture? Organisations cannot expect a responsible leadership and sustainability culture to be built for them by HR, EHS and EMS teams. Orgamisational leaders through active involvement and participation, with commitment to the issues...

Human resource strategy, leadership training

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Mentoring Young Sustainability Leaders – 3 Key Lessons

Reading Time: 6 minutes After 25 years’ experience in environmental impact assessment, responsible management and sustainability. I repeatedly find that 3 common themes crop up again and again when coaching and mentoring young managers and leaders. When mentoring young sustainability managers...

mentoring, new leaders, professional development, young professionals

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Innovation is at the heart of Sustainability

Reading Time: 5 minutes If we are to address many of the issues facing people and their environments, such as single-use plastics, we need to place innovation at the heart of sustainability within business. There are some great media stories out there extolling the steps that companies or brands...

#sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership, Innovation, leadership, plastic, plasticreduction

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Getting Green Done ……

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prior experience is a valuable commodity when ‘getting green done’ in organizations. It takes time, networks and experience to deliver your sustainability mission at times. I was amazed as a young environmental mentee lamented her recent lack of success in...

#IEMA #EMS #EHS, #lowcarboneconomy, #sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership, management

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‘Consume less’ to save the Planet or ‘Consume more’ to save your Economy

Reading Time: 3 minutesPhoto by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com ‘Consume less’ to save the Planet or ‘Consume more’ to save your Economy.  A political and economic paradox, but a paradox that is currently operating in the UK.  Over 2/3rds of the UK’s GDP depends on household consumption.  Whilst this...

#lowcarboneconomy, #sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership

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What Brexit teaches us about Leadership

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is leadership? There are a multitude of definitions out there concerning leadership, but basically it seems to boil down to the ability of an individual to influence and guide their followers in a specific direction.  In business and in other forms of life it will also...

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