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Business & Sustainability

Given the time for this course and the large topic and concepts; this was an excellent overview and refresher. It allowed me to hear concepts in a different approach

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Sustainability leadership and management training courses for today’s leaders

Familiarity with Sustainability issues, thier impact on Business Practice, and crucially the ability to lead on Sustainability matters is a core skill within the CV of any organisational leader.

Two decades ago the greater percentage of a company’s value was linked directly to its tangible assets, now less than 20% can relates to financial performance and physical assets in some organisations.  The rest reflects intangible assets such as brand, customer base, future market risk, intellectual property and whether a business has a ‘future fit’ business model aligned to responsible management & sustainable business practices.

How Future fit are you and your business?


Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Is your Business ready for sustainability?

Is your Business ready for sustainability? Are you tasked with leading on sustainability matters? Uncertain where to focus your attention? Have you assessed your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Interested in sustainability? Keen to understand more about its linkage to business? Do you to want an opportunity to find out more?

Business & Sustainability – Moving from ‘could do’ to ‘needs to do’

Struggling to make an impact in your organisation? What are the first steps that you take to ensure that your sustainability steps are effective. Keen to be seen as ‘Getting Green Done’?

Building Your Sustainability Plan, Prioritizing and Setting Goals

How do you plan for a more sustainable business future? What core values do you want the organisation to reflect? What are your Business Values? What is realistic?

Building a Sustainable Business – Improving on existing sustainability performance

Encountering no desire for change? Is the organisation losing focus on sustainability? Is lack of engagement causing loss of momentum?

Developing Position Statements on Sustainability Issues

Does your organisation require a position statement on climate change, plastic usage, pollution issues, human slavery or the week’s new sustainability media challenge. How do you prepare one? How do you make it an honest reflection of your business, product, service or brand?

Going Beyond Regulation & EMS towards Sustainability

90% of Businesses talk more about sustainability in general terms rather than about completed activities, monitoring and implementation! When it comes to ‘walking the talk’ where is your Business?

Sustainability – demonstrating a positive impact on the workforce, the environment, and society

Are external sustainability efforts mirrored internally? Are employees engaged with sustainability at home as well as in work. Are you developing mutually beneficial partnerships?

Integrating Sustainability into Business Policies, Plans and Processes

Still reliant on ISO14000? Having trouble integrating sustainability into business policies, plans & processes supporting daily activities. Do organisational project, design and accounting systems encompass sustainability?

Writing a Business Case for Sustainability

(QHSE professionals and EMS Managers)

Why consider business cases for sustainability? Do you translate EMS priorities into business-critical issues that senior managers understand? How do you gain additional budget funding or support or sustainability

SMEs & Family Run Businesses – First steps in Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR involves companies taking responsibility for their impacts on society & the environment and communicating that care. Many SMEs are well placed to engaged in CSR practices unknowingly through their family ethics, leadership core values and desire to make a positive impact in their locality.

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