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Building a Sustainable Business – Improving on existing sustainability performance


How to create a sustainable business?   It takes leadership, time and commitment.  When seeking to build up the ethical leadership and responsible management components of a modern day sustainable business, many business owners and leaders are tempted to focus on resource issues as opposed to governance, CSR and stakeholder management risks.  Addressing these can involve significant organisational change and adjustment, or in many cases just the recognition that existing business practices need amendment to include sustainable business principles.  Principles that may new amendment and re-enforcement in the eyes of employees and clients. 

All organisational change programmes risk losing momentum.  Some stall temporarily through lack of management attention and some fade away out of organisational consciousness because of leadership absence. 

Driving organisations when building a sustainable business requires tools that allow you to regularly stop, review and re-evaluate how the pace of change is proceeding, reassess past sustainability efforts and mistakes, and to rebuild internal capacity and working relationships.

This 1-day training course will help you put leadership mechanisms into place to reality check progress and to encourage organisation participation on how the business’s sustainability performance could be improved. It will examine the root causes of breakdown, helping you re build partnerships and understand why organisational groups are reluctant to engage.

The course ‘Building a Sustainable business – Improving on existing sustainability performance’ is delivered through a day of intensive and interactive classroom teaching, and is designed for business owners, sustainability and environmental professionals.

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