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Building Your Sustainability Plan, Prioritizing and Setting Goals


Building a sustainability plan takes time and insight.  For organisational leaders tasked with this role it pays to take the time to develop an understanding of what it would look like for your organization to operate in a way that adheres to environmental limits and enhances its social foundations – a critically their impact on (and ideally support for business growth and value).

This 1-day course helps you develop a personal Action Plan that moves your organization towards the future. The course’s objective is to help you clarify and start to communicate your business sustainability goals.  This is a critical first step when organisations start planning how to set realistic keystone goals linked to Business Sustainability.

Whether you are starting a new business or holding a sustainability leadership position in an organisation, you must be clear on what are the priorities that you want to accomplish, and establish a plan for getting there.

Regardless of business sector or organisational set-up, you can take these basic and simple steps to reach them. This course will help you spend more time focused on the sustainability issues that will have the greatest impact in your organisation.

The short sustainability leadership course is delivered through a day of intensive and interactive classroom coaching.  It is aimed at assisting business leaders and sustainability professionals focus on thier industrial sector..

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