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Going Beyond Regulation & EMS towards Business Sustainability


Research into corporate sustainability transformation programme highlights that just 2% achieve or exceed their internally stated aims! Proceeding beyond statutory regulation & EMS certificate requirements can define an organisation’s external brand and image and be used as a competitive business driver.

Bold external commitments can secure corporate commitment from top management and place a sustainability agenda within the Boardroom. This 1-day training course looks at the different strategic steps when making a clear public commitment linked to quantitative targets, and in establishing ways of working for follow up and the recognition of sustainability efforts. Publicly visible targets linked with a clear objective can galvanize an organisation, helping overcome internal resistance to change, reshape business behaviours and encourage line managers to incorporate sustainability into daily decision making. It also enables a sustainability leader approach that is seen to promotes a proactive dialogue with external stakeholders.

The course is delivered through a day of intensive and interactive classroom coaching.

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