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Is your business ready for sustainability?

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Is your Business ready for sustainability?  Are you tasked with leading on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)issues?  Have you undertaken a sustainability assessment of the current organisation or business.  Uncertain where to focus your attention?

This 1-day interactive workshop guides you as you undertake a detailed and in-depth self-assessment of your organisation’s strengths and weakness in respect to key elements in organisational sustainability. 

Unlike other sustainability evaluations this internationally used technique is not a tickbox exercise of operational risks, but a more strategic approach to Sustainability Leadership and business practice that will focuses entirely on your organisations attributes.  The objective is to provide a practical starting point that helps you understand what embedding Sustainability within your business will look like, how to assess your company’s current position and future progress, and where to prioritize your efforts and resources.

The objective is to develop a greater understanding of the organisation’s resilience, culture and leadership strengths.  During the day, this short sustainability management course will help you prepare an early Action Plan for the future, and a greater personal awareness of your own Sustainability Leadership strengths and developmental needs.

Who should attend:  Sustainability Directors, Sustainability Managers and Advisors, Interested Board Directors and Organisational leaders,, Environmental & QHSE Managers.

This course can also be delivered internationally as an on-site training Sustainability Leadership exercise.  Ask for details. 

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