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SMEs & Family Run Businesses – First steps in Corporate Social Responsibility


SME and Family Businesses are just as capable of engaging in socially responsible business practices as a large corporate organization. In fact, SMEs and Family businesses stand to benefit greatly from developing a CSR plan and communicating it externally as their very history and nature as local businesses, their importance within the local economy and visibility means that they are often better placed to engage in local and CSR issues within their communities and the environments they inhabit. It can also be easier to engage staff in an SME where there are fewer people and all employees can get involved if they wish. Customer, approach to CSR.

This 1-day course is designed to help SME’s and family run businesses examine CSR as an output of the story of their business journey, their business goals, vision and how they are reaching them> It also incorporates thier shared and core values, and how they have taken responsibility for their impacts on society and the environment.

Undertake your company’s first steps within sustainability and CSR reporting. It should not be a daunting task, as it starts to identify the first steps to take, the good practices that relate to your activities within 4 core areas – Community, Workplace, Marketplace and Environment, starts to set out a framework for your first CSR or sustainability report.

Supply chain and business expectations around CSR are increasing and now is a good time to start considering your own business

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