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Differentiating your business model from competitors through Sustainability


I wish I had started down this route earlier in my career, as it is a core business skill for all managers. Making a Business Case for Sustainability helps you think about what you are doing, where your strategic planning should focus and help you set objectives. As importantly it helps you demonstrate to others in the business that you can focus and develop idea. Ideas that are business priorities linked to eco-efficiency or contribute to the value or growth of the organization.

Putting sustainability initiatives forward in the form of a business case makes it easier to spot gaps requiring further information, logic and data. Once written and accepted the plan becomes part of the Business’s performance plans. Thinking in terms of a business case is essential if you need additional budget or finance, to raise awareness of your activities and helps engage with senior managers in terms they understand and can support.

This 1-day course is delivered through a day of intensive and interactive classroom teaching and coaching.

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