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Responsible Business: Jeans & the Circular Economy – Cars & the Old Economy

Reading Time: 5 minutes Responsible Business Case Study This article examines a step up in responsible business leadership that is occuring in the fashion industry, comparing it with the more traditional automobile sector. Examining how one group of companies are responding to the challenge of...

air quality, automobiles, circular economy, jeans, transparency, Trump, vehicle emissions

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Is it time to retire ‘climate change’ for ‘climate crisis’?

Reading Time: < 1 minute I spent a lot of time reflecting on this article on Climate crisis and how the emotive language surrounding climate change and other environmental topics is being altered increasingly within media reports.  In respect of the global IA climate change community, what...

climate crisis

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Carbon Capture – but with a difference

Reading Time: 3 minutes Occidental Petroleum (Houston USA) has released plans disclosing the company’s intention to construct the world’s largest direct air capture facility in Texas oil.  What makes this investment stand out to Leading Green is the fact that it will be in partnership with...

#carboncapture, #carboncycle, #carbonstorage, #climtechangeadaptation, #lowcarboneconomy

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Climate Change Transition – can you see the changes yet?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Climate Change transition can be hard to identify within the operational investment plans within some oil & gas giants. IAIA conferences the global forum for assessment of the world’s largest infrastructure projects At the IAIA 2019 conference in Brisbane...

Climate Change adaptation, Climate Change transition

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Your Approach to carbon transition may affect your Credit Score

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dont follow other company’s blindly into climate change credit risk My company Leading Green is founded on the belief that Business leaders and organisations that integrate sustainability into their business thinking and leadership culture will benefit in the long-term...

credit score, ESG

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Getting Green Done ……

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prior experience is a valuable commodity when ‘getting green done’ in organizations. It takes time, networks and experience to deliver your sustainability mission at times. I was amazed as a young environmental mentee lamented her recent lack of success in...

#IEMA #EMS #EHS, #lowcarboneconomy, #sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership, management

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