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What’s your Business Reputation worth, and who owns it during a crisis?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When your business returns to work, one of its critical assets will be your reputation.  Will you be the first person the client phones when they sit down at their desks again?  The esteem with which you are personally regarded, in tandem with the reputation for service that...

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Look forward into the future when creating a Sustainability Vision

How to Start creating a Sustainability Vision

Reading Time: 6 minutes How you view your business or industry will be a key driver in how well you proceed in creating a Sustainability Vision for the organisation. It will also shape your Sustainable Leadership fitness to address the future. In every successful transformation effort, the change...

create an environmerntal visison, sustainability vision training course, writing a sustainability vision

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Considerate Construction requires Responsible Management (Part 2)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Taking your First Steps in Responsible Management Customers have power over firms – in highly competitive markets sector, customers have the option to switch supplier. The customer is King! All businesses recognise this, especially in the construction industry...

asset management, infrastructure development, project leadership, project management, strategic planning

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