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Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services include Executive & Management Interim Support, Coaching and Training, Project Management, Sustainability & CSR Advisory Services and Future Fit analysis. We know the challenges on your radar. Impartial advice and extensive hands-on support can enable you to identify issues, select solutions and deliver optimal outcome in your business.

Who I help

You lead a team. They might be your executive team, a QHSE function or a SME that does not have yet a CSR or Environmental strategy. It could even be your established family business. You have a vision of how you see the future, and that vision incorporates a responsible leadership culture or sustainability practices. But what next? How do you go about implementing it?

How I can help

Responsible Leadership & Sustainability in Business

If you don’t want to examine Responsible Leadership & Sustainability in Business – then leave it, continue as normal & the business won’t consider two potentially beneficial business models

If you do consider Responsible Leadership & Sustainability in Business. It may be painful but it could address specific future risks and issues

If we explore this positively you have the option to consider it for yourself in a rational logical manner and the benefits will be great because at the least you will gain a greater knowledge of the business

I have helped companies, government organisations and non-profits with their strategies and individualised approaches for many years. Despite huge differences in size and industry, ultimately it all comes down to you as the leader and your people. Leaders change organisational cultures and mindsets, we help provide the tools and approaches to achieve these.  First they set the future direction of travel, then they lay out the foundations to build on, before implementing and monitoring the results both financially and qualitatively. I can help:

  • Develop the leadership, organisational culture and strategy for corporate sustainability
  • Expand the business mindset of your internal leadership groups through training in responsible leadership and management practices.
  • Create your internal CSR approach, or help improve your existing QHSE/EMS service
  • Align your organisational behaviours, ethics and values with today’s client, staff and societal expectations
  • Offset future business risk to create a competitive advantage and differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Extend product life and differentiate your brands & services through sustainability strategies
  • Help attract and recruit the right people into the right roles
  • Help you become a ‘best local company to work for’ in your industry sector
  • Provide extended Board or operational support, advice and cover during longer term leave on a fixed term contract

Executive & Management Coaching

We have experience in working with CEOs, other board executive directors, organisational leaders and individuals to help them excel in their leadership roles.  Our approach encourages our clients to look closely at their own internal leadership strengths and goals.  Helping them adopt an inquisitive state of mind and supporting them in how responsible leadership and sustainability can support their long-term business strategy. 

Services Key Features 

  • One on One senior management 
  • One on Team senior management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan writing & editing 

Sustainability & CSR Retained Support

For organisations where having a permanent Sustainability, CSR or Corporate Communications professional doesn’t make economic sense, this service gives you telephone and email support for all of your Environmental & Sustainability questions. 
The service also ensures that policies and contracts provided or reviewed by us remain up-to-date and reflect any changes in legislation.

Service Key Features 

  • Telephone and email support for your Sustainability and Environmental Management issues
  • Board & Operational Leadership training events, using generic or bespoke training materials
  • Strategic workshops to align sustainability in business approaches with operational management
  • Provision of direct support, advice, materials and guidance to support development of a responsible business culture or specific sustainability strategic issues, or resource management help. 
  • Review and update of tenders, commercial approaches and supply-chain relationships 

This involves a monthly call on/call off arrangement based on your requirements, time allocation and specific on-site needs. 


From time to time you may need specialist help in dealing with a specific project in your business, for example it could be a CSR report, re-evaluation of a brand, or a more complex project requiring experience in many of the Sustainability or Environmental Management disciplines, we can work with your organisation to understand the project and provide a bespoke service and cost once we have understood and agreed what is involved with you. 

Interim Environmental Director, Manager, CSR or Sustainability Adviser

We will work with your business to cover periods of long term absence, e.g Maternity or Paternity leave, to cover the current job holder’s role on a fixed term and price contract. Helping to minimise internal disruption and maintain continuity.

Future Fit

Review and analyse the health and maturity of your business in respect of sustainability and environmental performance.  Looking at the development needs of the senior leadership and management teams, current organisational approaches, products and business plan.  Employee data to gauge your organisation’s current status and identify any potential issues or cost savings, covering (but not limited to). 

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Leading Green offer the expertise to resolve your sustainability, environmental and responsible leadership issues and projects professionally and cost-effectively, helping position your organisation for its next stage of growth. Contact us now.

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