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Environmental Leadership & Responsibility

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Typically, our specialist Leadership courses are aimed at:

  • Executive and Senior Management with CSR, Environmental or Sustainability responsibilities
  • EMS and QHSE teams, within organisations of all sizes and across all sectors
  • ISO14001 certified organisations
  • Environmental & Engineering Professionals engaged in EIA and SEA
  • NGOs, charities and international development organisations

We also offer customized training to organisations and professional associations delivered in your own choice of location. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Making the Business Case for Sustainability

An Introduction to Responsible Leadership

Is your Business ready for sustainability? Are you tasked with leading on sustainability matters? Uncertain where to focus your attention? Have you assessed your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Business Sustainability and Environmental Management – Assessing your organisations strengths and weaknesses

Tasked with leading on EMS and sustainability matters in your organisation? Uncertain where to prioritize your resources? Imagine if you could progress beyond SWOT analysis to gain a more detailed picture of organisational performance and culture. This 1-day course will help you conduct a critical self-assessment of your organisation’s existing EMS culture & progress towards sustainability.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Corporate Environmental Leadership for Executives

What do you believe Corporate Environmental Leadership involves? How can it enhance business activities? What are the distinct skills and capabilities organisational leaders require? This course will help assess your role and responsibilities.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Leadership Development Programme for Environmental Managers (5 Day)

A leadership course designed specifically for the unique roles and responsibilities of managers in EMS and QHSE. The course focuses on modern day leadership theories regarding transformational and ethical leadership, helping participants identify their specific style of leadership. Helping them to imagine and identifying where and how it can add value to the business and the teams they lead. This is a great CPD training & learning opportunity to consider how you can extend your leadership influence within your organisation.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Environmental Leadership and ISO14001

You understand and probably created your EMS system, you understand its strengths and weaknesses? Imagine having a closer working relationship with senior managers? You are aware of the obligations within Chapter 5 of the revised ISO14001:2015 standard. This 1-day course helps to guide you as you develop your own strategy in how to address this issue internally and provide proof externally at audit.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

SMEs & Family Run Businesses – First steps in Corporate Social Responsibility

Family and SMEs have values and characteristics that set them apart from other businesses. At their core is ‘who you are’ rather than what is dictated to you. It is both a strength and a weakness in highly competitive markets when customers have the option to switch suppliers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approaches can help you safeguard growth & business development, as clients & customers value responsible behaviour and reward such behaviours with loyalty to products & services.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Are we on the same Planet?

An in-house workshop for CEOs, Senior Executives and their Green Team managers and staff facilitating discussion regarding the organisation’s environmental strategy, sustainability performance, responsibility, efficiency and contribution to business plan. The day helps executives and environmental teams align behind the corporate plan and brings into action e of the foresight and future megatrend thinking at is a core component of sustainability in business thinking.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Responsible Leadership & Environmental Governance

Environmental governance has increasingly become linked to traditional Board Governance responsibilities as an increasing number of environmental risks and customer views continue to merge around corporate environmental impacts.
Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Environmental Leadership: Who is Accountable and for What?

Have you mapped Environmental & Sustainability responsibilities onto Your Organisation? Cross-cutting business practices such as an EMS or QHSE management system do not fit easily into traditional models of organizational structure, nor do they align with existing patterns of leadership accountability. Without clear accountability, it can become increasingly difficult for green teams to gain the support, resources and champions they need for their endeavours.
Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Environmental & Sustainability Strategies for dynamic and innovative Business

Seeking to enhance your strategic thinking abilities? develop the skills to analyse the environmental and social dynamics impacting on your business in the future, identify key trends and develop strategies to Identify ways your organization can shape emerging environmental trends and dynamics to its advantage.

Leading Green Short Courses

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

The Leadership Mindset – Moving from Environmental Manager to Environmental Leader

Are you clear on the skill differences between ‘manager’ and ‘leader’? Can you articulate what an environmental leader is? How do your leaders think? Many people hold an oversimplified idea about what leadership means, this course puts it into an ordered perspective.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Core Values

Without an understanding of your core values it is difficult to act as a responsible leader. Core values are the traits or qualities that you believe define yourself in business or in your home life. This short course helps you identify and apply them in your business and what it stands for in the world.
Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Managing Meetings for Outcomes

If you’re responsible for other EMS staff or part of a large QHSE leadership team, then this course will help you in manage meetings efficiently and effectively for outcomes.

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