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Corporate Environmental Leadership for Executives

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Forward thinking organisations have realized that business has entered a new phase in which a business’s reputation, through its acts and statements, has become an important measure of its relationship with customers and through them its competitiveness.

Corporate Environmental Leadership has emerged as one of several key sustainability criteria for judging the quality of organisations and the strength of a leadership team. Customers, Supply Chains and stakeholders are influenced to a greater degree by ethical and socially responsible behaviours than previous generations – features, benefits and cost now have less purchase appeal than the way customers can identify with the ethos, goals and sustainability values of an organisation.

Environmental leadership is a role requirement being added into the portfolio of many organisational executives. Tasked with this responsibility do you wish to become a leader or just a portfolio manager? At its heart, corporate environmental leadership presents a strategic leadership approach for organisational decision-makers providing them with both a conceptual framework and practical toolkit for building economically resilient business that adheres to environmental limits and enhances social foundations.

This 2-day course, delivered through intensive and interactive classroom coaching, provides experienced executives and managers with an introduction to Corporate Environmental Leadership, its defining characteristics and significant differences from conventional leadership models.

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