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Environmental & Sustainability Strategies for dynamic and innovative Business

Course Outline

No business can grow or survive without considering the impact of the environment in which it seeks to exist, it is also a source of opportunities and threats for all organizations.

Leading Environmental executives and organisational strategists don’t just develop plans based on ‘todays’ environment – they spend time envisioning and tracking alternative future paths, societal trends and risks, and help shape their organisations to address the environmental and intangible dynamics to their advantage.

This 2-day course focussing on dynamic industries and breakthrough innovations, or organisational environmental leaders seeking to widen their leadership mindset, will provide tools and concepts for analysing and formulating environmental strategy. Participants will develop the foresight skills to anticipate disruptive innovations, chart out their likely risks and determine how to maximally influence – or benefit from – those risks. Participants will also assess whether the scope and structure of their organization makes sense – and if not, how it can be transformed.

The objective for the course is to enable participants to develop their own action plans for emerging issues in their business sector, as well as a detailed understanding of general environmental strategy skills that can be utilized in their existing and future roles.

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