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Identifying Your Core Values

Course Outline

The core values of the founder of an organization permeate the workplace. His or her core values are powerful shapers of the organization’s culture.

Your core values define how see the world around you and the business practices you follow. An understanding of your personal core values is essential in responsible leadership practices as it acts as the internal benchmark for whether your actions reflect your stated intentions. Employees want to work in an organisations that shares their values. They want their overall work culture to promote being a part of a whole system that is much bigger than themselves. They experience pride, motivation and engagement when their organization exhibits the core values they subscribe to.

Knowing your core values and understanding how they fit into your leadership style and business practices is at the heart of this short interactive workshop. The course will also offer insights into how your core values can provide insights into future decision-making practices.

Never underestimate the power of core values in creating a motivating workforce.

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