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Leadership Development Programme for Environmental Managers (5 Day)

Course Outline

For those in EMS and QHSE leadership roles, this extended course helps leaders identify their focus and style of leadership, identifying where and how it can add value to the business and the team/s they lead. This is a great learning opportunity to consider how they can extend their leadership influence to create maximum business results.

Providing a rare opportunity for managers with environmental or Q/HSE responsibilities to come together to evaluate their leadership skills and capabilities as sector professionals. The course structure is highly interactive, giving participants a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience whilst benchmarking with other professional colleagues.

By the end of this 5-day training course, the participants will have learnt to:

  • separate leadership from management activities and roles;
  • Gain clarity over their own core values and how they influence their preferred environmental leaderships style;
  • analyse their business’s current environmental performance across 13 key criteria, using this knowledge to identify areas of future development and organizational action areas.
  • Utilise tools and techniques that can be adapted to help participants develop, structure and convey their own vision for the business in an engaging manner to others. Introducing and allowing practice across a range of leadership communication strategies; and
  • Strengthen their global and strategic mindset as leaders and use this knowledge to improve their strategic thinking and business planning in their current role. Identifying ways in which they can enhance their personal focus and style of leadership to create better business outcomes.

The final objective is to strengthen within the leadership toolboxes of all participants the critical skill of creating higher employee engagement and performance levels in support of organisational aims and objectives. At course end all delegates will have a clearer understanding of their own leadership capability, its application back in the business and individual action plans specific to their business’s own corporate environmental and sustainability development practice.

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