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Managing Meetings for Outcomes

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If you’re responsible for other environmental staff or part of a larger QHSE team, then this Leading Green leadership course will help you in how to gain influence, ensure EMS or CSR governance accountability, help in managing other internal colleagues with separate agendas are managed with confidence in meetings.

Starting with planning and preparing for a meeting, the course examines the importance of facts and data in project meetings, the need sometimes to multiply environmental and social mitigation options for debate, and by asking questions that bring people together to support environmental issues, and in the use of tactics involving the creation of common sustainability goals. The day also provides coaching in ensuring that your agenda items are tabled, how to respond to difficult questions or controversial statements, and when to offer your support, before examining the importance of quality minute taking. The course will help you develop a suite of leadership skills for handling the constructive tension that underlies any organisational meetings between different colleagues.

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