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The Leadership Mindset Moving from Environmental Manager to Environmental Leader

Course Outline

Are you clear on the skill differences between ‘manager’ and ‘leader’? Can you articulate what a leader is? How do leaders think? Many people hold an oversimplified idea about what leadership means.

Leadership is a complex blend of competencies and capabilities. No one has the full suite of competencies and many work hard hanging onto behaviours that kill even the strongest leadership capabilities. This short course provides aspiring managers and a handy refresher for existing leaders on the skills and characteristics that define leadership. The workshop provides you with an interactive environment within which to examine and plan the next phases of your professional development.

You can cultivate a leadership mindset by being honest and practising the behaviours that require changing, no matter what your role is or the career stage you have reached. It takes awareness, effort and practice over time for behaviours to take hold. When they do, change happens as it becomes a way of thinking.

Who should attend: Organisational leaders, Boardroom members, Environmerntal & QHSE Managers.

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