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EIA – Making Mitigation & Follow Up Happen

Course Outline

Mitigation is a key part of the EIA process. It is essential to achieving environmentally sound design, and in demonstrating that the EIA process took not of significant adverse impacts that the development could not avoid. It is also a core component of the development’s residual footprint.

Mitigation is an integral regulatory procedure within all international interpretations of EIA, and the proponents inclusion of mitigation is a material factor within the EIS’s contribution to any consenting or legal approval – it is this a keystone of EIA activity and a test of an EIA’s professionals ability to deliver environmental and social safeguards to people and their environments.

This 1-day course will examine the concept and role of mitigation in EIA practice, using as its framework the International principles for best practice EIA follow-up (IAIA) that the course leader was a co-author in establishing. The focus of the course will be on the leadership skills and traits that are required to deliver effective mitigation and follow-up, the management checks and balances that need to be established and how the project team dynamics can be challenged in pursuit of effective mitigation.

The issue of best practice will be discussed in terms of both sustainability and Return on Investment (ROI) strategy, as well as the concept of unexpected consequences arising from mitigation and the application of adaptive environmental practice. The course will make good use of designing for sustainability principles and examine case histories and approaches adopted within developments.

The course will be an important refresher course for experienced EIA team managers, EIA specialists seeking professional development in a core area of practice and for Environmental Construction Site Co-ordinators/Environmental Clerks of Works seeking to further their understanding and application of mitigation management and monitoring systems.

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