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Environmental Ethics and Ethical Leadership in EIA

Course Outline

Leadership in EIA has several components that sets it outside many organizational theories in leadership – notably it is non-authoritarian with a requirement to influence & motivate stakeholder relationships outside formal management structures and often across internal structures, and requires a sustainability mindset that extends the consideration of impact and altruistic consideration beyond normal business relationships outwards towards other externals and even future generations. In addition, EIA with its strong technical background in foresight and appraisal, its foundations in sustainability and evaluation of new technologies and infrastructure forms – may have to tackle questions of ethics and behaviours in the impact assessment or project decisions that impact on the resilience of people and their environments. Should EIA practitioners be the group’s conscience on projects and if so, what attributes should this take?

This 1-day course examines the concepts of ethical behaviour in EIA-Infrastructure projects, and the ethical traits and characteristics required by EIA leaders and professionals in their respective roles. The course will examine concepts such as ethical management, goal setting, EIA professional policies, and the identification and management of ethical responsibilities. This course provides you with an extended range of competencies to develop further in your leadership journey.

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