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Good Project Teams need ‘Creative Tension’

Course Outline

EIA-Infrastructure Projects often require a group of relative strangers to come together rapidly in an environment that they have yet to understand, amongst stakeholders and risks yet to be identified, reliant on an engineering design that is rudimentary and often indicative – What could possibly go wrong!

How engineering and environmental professionals manage inhouse debate and decision-making regarding their respective needs and requirements can have a significant impact on project outcomes for both parties. Teams that can foster lively yet productive debate (creative tension) in their project meetings and remain colleagues can boost overall team performance. Teams that adopt hierarchal approaches to debate or downgrade the opinions of other professionals can break a team’s dynamics with a disastrous consequence for projects.

Teams where people challenge one another’s thinking generate richer options, understand them more fully, and make better decisions. The trick is to keep professional disagreements from turning into personal disagreements.

This team workshop looks at the dynamics present in EIA-infrastructure projects and looks at a variety or rules and approaches that inter-disciplinary teams can adopt, exploring them one by one to see how they can be put into project practice techniques to successfully handle conflict productively during times of stress. Ultimately the goal is to remain focused on the core outcomes – Project delivery to a standard that fills each professional with pride in their achievement and collective contribution, ‘Client delight’ and promotion of sustainability.

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