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International Leadership Development Course for EIA Professionals

Course Outline

The frontline of environmental protection in most countries is EIA. This 3-day EIA Leadership course has been developed for intermediate and advanced IA professionals with growing managerial & leadership responsibilities in projects, motivated by continuous improvement within IA practice, to maximise their leadership skills professionally to strengthen EIA projects. EIA Practitioners within countries setting up competency standards for EIA practice or belonging to professional EIA membership bodies requiring CPD will be particularly interested in the course.

  • Based around a highly interactive mixture of assessing your own leadership traits, reflection through experience and in the practice of skills within small groups. The core learning objectives are to help you: Distinguish the unique characteristics of EIA leadership in the context of meeting IA professional standards and delivering sustainable outcomes
  • Develop strategies to address challenges and maximise opportunities that are presented to EIA team leaders
  • To strengthen stakeholder analysis and apply them internally within project teams •Learning and apply skills that will assist EIA team leaders in communicating, negotiating and influencing proponent decision-making
  • Recognise and reflect on individual attributes and personal/professional development opportunities.

Leadership in EIA practice helps us move from the technical managerial skill sets involved in analysing and recording the output of just understanding the natural environment towards the realisation that the senior players in the Project team have a significant influence on project outcomes, design and can significantly change the sustainability of new developments.

This 3-day course helps EIA professionals identify their style of leadership, identifying where and how it can add value in their work and the project teams they work with. Leading Green courses, based on our experience in building IA teams, are a great environment in which to consider how you can extend your leadership influence to create maximum results. Our courses are highly interactive, giving future IA leaders the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues. We utilise a mix of learning methods during the course including facilitator presentation and facilitation; individual self-assessment questionnaire; group discussion, exercises and activities; self-reflection and action planning.

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