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International Leadership Development Course for EIA Regulators & Administrators (Government)

Course Outline

Focussing on the specific demands and pressures within government agencies tasked with reviewing, administrating and consenting EIA. This unique course based on over 20 years in building and leading teams in government and industry will examine Leadership in EIA Administration; the Differentiating between ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’ tasks in your Role; Strategic Communication techniques and its use in the promotion of government sustainability policy and vision; Your personal leadership, communication and influencing styles; How to handle difficult conversations externally and internally, and How teams can build their own group brand and performance efficiency through a collective leadership approach.

Leading Green courses, based on our experience in building IA teams, are a great environment in which to consider how you can refresh and stimulate team performance to create organisational results. Our courses are highly interactive, giving IA professionals in government organisations an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues in the pursuit of outcomes. We utilise a mix of learning methods during the course including facilitator presentation and facilitation; individual self-assessment questionnaire; group discussion, exercises and activities; self-reflection and action planning. If required dedicated 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring programmes are available to Executive staff and Directors before the course initiates.

This essential course 3 day (or 5 x ½ day) for IA Administrators is available internationally. Please click on the “Quote Request” button below to receive a free quote for courses delivered at your preferred location, or to discuss how the course could assist your team’s specific regulatory and professional development requirements. The course is available in either a 3-day full course, 5 x ½ day week course or a 2 day-weekend-2-day option to facilitate administrative demands.

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