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Strategic Environmental Assessment is a decision supporting tool that presents, challenges and contributes to government, public authority and sector bodies seeking to strengthen society’s commitments to and progress towards sustainable development. As a policy identification tool in Strategic Planning, Environmental and Sustainability Planning, Resource Management and Spatial Planning it aims to integrate social, environmental and responsible governance issues into the development of plans, programs and policies.

Focusing on Environmental & Sustainability Leadership skills, capabilities and strategies in strategic planning projects, this 3-day course looks at the influence that internal and external supporting SEA professionals can have on challenging and influencing eventual outcomes. Within SEA, IA practitioners can play a strategic leadership role in the determination of at least 4 specific outcomes:

  1. As advocates for the integration of environmental, social, sustainability with economic parameters as equal partners in the development of future;
  2. To add value to Visioning, decision-making, discussions on multi-outcome opportunities and the mitigation of adverse risks to people and their environments through increased development;
  3. As Facilitators helping to change traditional mindsets towards land use and sector planning, challenging ‘biased’ decisions and seeking to create strategic decision making between institutions
  4. Looking to form and create wider partnerships between institutes within government agencies, public and community bodies, and the private sector.

This 3-day course helps SEA professionals identify their style of leadership, identifying where and how it can add value in their work and the project teams they work with. Leading Green courses, based on our experience in building EIA & SEA teams, are a great environment in which to consider how you can extend your leadership influence to create maximum results. Our courses are highly interactive, giving future IA leaders the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues. We utilise a mix of learning methods during the course including facilitator presentation and facilitation; individual self-assessment questionnaire; group discussion, exercises and activities; self-reflection and action planning.

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