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Leadership, Influencing and Communication Skills for EIA Team Leaders (IAIA Approved)

Course Outline

This course encourages and helps EIA team leaders maximise their influence within EIA performance, infrastructure project outcomes & their contribution towards more sustainable outcomes. Leading EIA teams is a complex activity and to maximise sustainability outcomes, team leaders need to work productively with technical specialists but, as importantly, must also engage effectively with the broader proponent team, including project managers, design managers and many other roles. The increasing risk that environmental, social and compliance issues present to project costs and delivery schedules provides an opportunity for EIA team leaders to exhibit their contribution within project planning and design decisions.

But to do this effectively, EIA team leaders need skills and knowledge beyond those currently taught academically. This course helps fill a professional skills development gap, examining the formal and informal leadership roles IA professionals perform, and presenting tools that EIA team leaders and IA administrators can use to aid communication, negotiation and influencing. It provides insights into how project teams operate, and the opportunity to put learning into practice, helping IA professionals develop a ‘leadership’ mindset. 2 days or 3 days Inc. Site Visit

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