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Leadership skills in EIA Consultation & Public Participation

Course Outline

There are many expert courses on public consultation methodology and process. This workshop is designed specifically for EIA professionals and Senior Project Engineers who act as leaders and public faces for the project and EIA process, and who often are tasked with communicating complex messages to a variety of challenging stakeholder audiences. The course objective is to help you analyse, record and handle the challenging, often controversial issues involved in EIA Public Consultations. We will address both the procedural leadership elements in managing successful EIA public consultation but also the external facing Public Meetings and Exhibitions, preparing key messages, develop proactive communication routes, handling difficult questions and dealing with challenging behaviour and awkward people. You will learn how to develop key messages and communicate potentially controversial proposals during Consultations, Public meetings and Exhibitions. We also examine techniques in how to speak with and listen to the Public, managing their concerns and expectations – as well as recording and acting on the information received. The course is divided into short theory sessions followed by a much longer practical session, interspersed with tips and advice. Opportunities exist to take part in practical exercises.

The 2-day course is dependent on a minimum number of people attending (4) and there is a significant organisational discount per person if two people from the same organisation book together.

This course can be adapted for Project Management teams who wish to understand more about the statutory obligations and requirements for public consultation in EIA. Contact us directly here.

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