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Preparing for EIA leadership

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Is There a Leader in You? This 2-day highly interactive course examines the skills and leadership traits that are required in impact assessment, and what qualities organisations now value in leaders. Impact assessment with its strong systems thinking and technical demands – in addition to a requirement for ethical behaviours, a global mindset and its outward stakeholder facing responsibility, possesses many of the qualities demanded by modern leadership groups in corporate social responsibility and industry.

This course will introduce you to modern leadership theory and an examination of what teams expect from their leaders, helping to identify your potential strengths, weaknesses and understanding of what being a leader entail. Within a series of interactive modules we will explore your own leadership style, how that style can flex to adapt to different scenario in EIA projects – external stakeholder relationships, public engagement or in-house project team meetings, etc; Strategic and Effective communication routes to build up trust in you as a leader, to utilise in influencing others and to pursue more sustainable outcomes; The course will also examine how to analyse internal stakeholder relationships, and the common mistakes new leaders make when taking over responsibilities for highly technical staff and when moving into ‘the manager’ position amongst previous colleagues.

This course provides essential EIA team leadership skills to those who are newly promoted to the role. This two-day programme develops and improves leadership skills to enhance effectiveness within the EIA and project team, enabling new team leaders to step up to their new responsibilities in a more confident and effective frame of mind. It is also relevant to existing team leaders wanting to refresh and update their skills and to aspiring individuals who have the potential for future development into an EIA team leader role.

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