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Project Risk and EIA – An Introduction to EIA for Client organisations, Utilities, Asset Management Groups and Developers

Course Outline

Capitalising on EIA as an Asset Design Opportunity rather than a Development Risk.

Many client organisations are frustrated by the EIA process, in equal measure to the number of EIA professionals who often see traditional project programmes as the slow route to consent, often containing inherent flaws that will result in costly over-runs in time and cost before the EIA process has been allowed to start. This programme has been designed to help investing and development organisations and infrastructure asset managers utilize the design components of the EIA process to their own financial benefit, rather than just commission consultants to undertake the regulatory aspects. In doing so significant ($Million) savings in time, cost and ultimately its environmental acceptance can be achieved.

Coaching & Training Sessions address: An Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment & Consenting for Infrastructure; EIA and the Early exposure of Asset Related Risk; Timing EIA with Design & Development stages; Climate Change Adaptation and Avoidance of Stranded Assets; and Effective Financial and Business Planning Strategies for Projects requiring EIA.

Safeguarding your investment capital and return – The course has been designed and developed to include the application of responsible leadership skills applied to sustainability in business concepts. This modern leadership approach enables teams to address complex issues early within projects by ask tough questions, challenge traditional assumptions and explore practical steps that can be taken collectively to bring about greater sustainability in business. It encourages a redefinition of success focusing on economic, social and environmental factors that have been considered as organisationally important – growth, brand, reputation and core values. This essential 2-day course is available internationally either as a generic taught and facilitated programme or targeted towards one organisation’s training needs and project portfolio. The course is aimed at the needs of Asset Owners and Managers who have some initial investment and asset management experience, a desire to include a greater degree of sustainability within their work, and who yet remain passionate about safeguarding against investment project delays and overruns.

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