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Strategic Communication Skills – Getting your message across

Course Outline

Are your sustainability messages clear and delivered with impact? Do you understand your preferred communication styles? Can you change or adapt messages to different stakeholder groups?

It is claimed that the difference between mere management and leadership is communication. This is backed up by repeated research on leaders and leadership skills that has demonstrated that successful leaders spend over three quarters of their time on communication activities. So, what are the specific requirements for sustainability leaders?

The aim of this 1-day course is to provide an opportunity for leaders and practitioners in EIA to focus on and map out the critical communication skills that they require across all levels of their organisations and their hierarchies. The focus is on three levels of communication skills that sustainability leaders require:

The core competencies in communication: Interpersonal skills and people skills, looking at how messages are created, and relationships forged.

Team sustainability: The skills required in motivating and leading teams of people are different to those used daily in 1-to-1 communication, and a variety of skills are required; and finally, on: Strategic Communication Skills: Well developed strategic and external communication skills are required within sustainability at every level of leadership. Communication becomes more complex as leaders need to craft messages that influence behaviours and actions within internal and external stakeholder audiences. This session will cover and practice the strategic communication skills required in Vision, mission and value statements, internal and stakeholder communication systems as well as focusing on Sustainability leaders as communication role models and key players in knowledge management and transfer.

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