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In House Training – UK and Internationally

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Why choose in-house training

  • Relevant: The training can be customized using organisation specific content as it’s only your staff attending.
  • Convenient: You decide where and when and because we come in to you, time out of the office or off-site is reduced.
  • Cost-effective:  Running an in-house session can be significantly more economical in comparison with our public scheduled courses.
  • Tailored: The solutions we provide will be tailored based on the objectives your organisation seeks to achieve.
  • Career/Role orientated: We utilize an interactive approach, focussed on employees examining topics and their role in comparison with organisational need.
  • Choice: We can provide you with a selection of external international experts to help boost interest and engagement in the training outcomes.

What makes us different

Leading Green provides high calibre specialist training in responsible leadership and sustainability skills specific to the environmental sector, and specialist operational activities, and our training help you embed your learning before, during and after your training course.

We value client engagement pre-delivery, as it provides us with an enhanced overview of your organisational context, values, culture and workplace development objectives. This enables us to tailor and deliver relevant training content in a style that best suits your learning objectives.

Our courses are focused on the organisational context of the participant’s role. During and at the conclusion of each program, participants contemplate personal challenges on-going within their workplace and develop an action plan to outline the steps they will take to implement and address the issues they face. Our trainers are available after your training day to answer questions related to course content and, on request, we can also schedule follow-up coaching or mentoring sessions in house, online or via telephone.

In-House training benefits:

  • Flexible length – sessions as short as 1-hour
  • Cost effective – great group pricing
  • Greatest impact in the shortest time
  • Excellent Team Building Opportunity
  • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
  • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)

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