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About Us

Where I learned about environmental issues & sustainability

  • As a student at Sheffield (BSc), postgraduate student as Durham (MSc) and Harper Adams (PGDipAg) and an external student at Strathclyde (PhD) Universities in the UK
  • As a consultant & line manager in the agrochemical, industrial chemical, water & engineering sectors
  • Building two environmental & CSR teams in ScottishPower plc
  • Creating & setting up the UK Environment Agency’s National Environmental Assessment and Sustainability group
  • As President for the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), and as a Board member and Fellow level examiner for the UK’s Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)
  • As a consultant and coach to my clients; and
  • As a Visiting professor in Civil And Environmental Engineering, and student mentor at several universities

I understand sustainability, understands business and knows how the two can integrate to deliver the best possible results for your organisation and its future fitness in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Ross Marchall

Why I do it

It’s important. It has purpose. It is easy to be a leader with power and authority, but difficult to act as a responsible leader and build a business that reflects these values. Sustainability requires you to think outside normal leadership practices and requires a different mind set, that is what it makes it so exciting for those that move in that direction. Too many people struggle under poor leadership practices that are failing their organisations, employees and stakeholders. I have been one of them at times and it makes work miserable. Tomorrows challenges will require a new breed of transformational leadership with responsible management practices and sustainability at their core.

I want to do what I to help that leadership revolution.

I love to work with teams, helping them unlock the latent skills that often lie dormant within. Watching individuals and teams become more future fit, innovative, insightful and having greater internal influence. Sustainability linked to value and business growth is a powerful combination. Work has meaning again and aligns with your core values – a positive life-work balance zone to be in. These leadership skills are not hard or costly to learn, it just takes a bit of insight, training and the courage to practice them.

How I work with you

When providing training I can be on-or offsite as needs demand. When working with you to provide management consultancy services in sustainability in business & responsible leadership, I need to be onsite to be any use to you. I typically do an assessment before anything else. I may have to do a lot of work with your team members on a one to one basis.

Think of this as elective surgery. I keep group meetings to the minimum. I do a few classes but I don’t tend to do tedious report writing.

It is all about people. I prefer to spend time with people rather than report writing. I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. It is the only way for me to understand you, your business and where you want to get to, and thus how to help you. That is how I get the results you are looking for.

Can I help you?

I can’t help you until we talk about your particular needs.

There is the usual contact form here. But the best way to start the ball rolling is to call me (Int +44) 07538 094633. Don’t worry, it is just me. I don’t have enough resources to hound you if I have your number.

Related Information

If you are not ready to make that call just yet, find out more about what I do by visiting the Training Pages, or read some of our regular blogs for business insights.

Your First step Sustainability & Environmental Leadership Solution

We provide insight, challenge, expertise and creative thinking to help our clients envision, plan, execute and communicate Environmental & Sustainability Strategies for their organisations, funds and projects. In doing so, we aim to drive performance, reduce risk, enhance transparency and propel organisational identity.

Our Values

At Leading Green, our core values represent what’s is most important to us in our organisation and business culture and we have translated them through into our training and consultancy services.

Our values come from our approach to business, and from leading & building teams over many years, the lessons learnt, the successes banked and the outcomes produced. Our Training Courses and Services are based on the implementation of values-driven sustainability training. Reflecting these Core Values help us identify with Customers of a similar business and organisational mindset.

Our Core Values are:

  • Leadership,
  • Effectiveness,
  • Responsibility & Accountability; and
  • Integrity

We have observed that business leaders, their colleagues and teams experience greater fulfilment, productivity and retention when they work together within shared values.

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