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Assigning Leadership Accountability & Establishing Responsibility in Organisations

Course Outline

Cross-cutting business practices such as Sustainability & CSR do not fit easily into traditional models of organizational structure, nor are they aligned with existing patterns of leadership accountability. Without clear accountability for sustainability, it can become increasingly difficult for green teams to gain support, resources and champions for their endeavours.

By mapping organizational responsibilities, a route map through an organization can be constructed to help focus discussions, support, training and innovation for sustainability. It can help sustainability leaders envisage their individual and collective roles against the business components, risks and outcomes sustainability programmes seek to support or enhance. Ultimately it should support accountability by incorporating sustainability criteria into the job descriptions, employment criteria, rewards and promotion within organisations.

When working towards influencing an entire business’s culture and approach towards sustainability, it is a mistake to believe it is solely ‘your role’, through leverage, influencing and negotiation tactics and the winning of leadership support it becomes – ‘our role’. This 1-day interactive course assists employees in EMS, QHSE and HR responsible for the implementation of sustainability to look at the current alignment of roles and responsibilities within the organization’s structures, the leadership accountabilities that are required and the commitments that can be attached to functional groups supporting sustainability. The course also analyses approaches towards influencing leadership support and buy-in

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