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Building & Delivering a Sustainability Strategy

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How will your organisation develop and grow in the period ahead? That’s is one of the key questions behind why business’s develop strategies. Thus, the essence of a sustainability strategy is to assist in organisational competitiveness and responsible management activities that help meet these goals. From experience, sustainability goals and strategies are better implemented through integration and alignment with other organisation’s planning activities than set apart as a separately funded process. However, positioning your sustainability mission within the organisation’s accountability, strategic planning, and annual operating planning levels takes strategy and leadership.

Over 95% of CEOs believe environmental social and corporate governance issues should be interwoven into the strategy of a company, but often lack the skills to accomplish this. This 2-day interactive workshop and coaching session looks at your organizational culture and how strategic leadership and sustainability can combine, how knowledge of organizational strengths and weaknesses can define sustainability objectives, goals, strategies, and measurements, and how alignment with business priorities elevates an existing EMS into a strategic planning tool. The course will also examine the skills needed to connect sustainability to strategic planning opportunities and integrate materiality issues into competitive strategy; the identification and develop strategic options, and finally the actions required to implement, monitor and control your input into strategic plans.

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