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Is your business ready for sustainability?

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The reality is that many Sustainability, EMS and QHSE managers cannot summarize their own Environmental & Sustainability Strategy. If they can’t, you can be sure in colleagues in the business will have trouble understanding it as well! It’s impossible to execute a sustainability strategy if you don’t know what you are leading yourself!

When employees know and understand an organisation’s sustainability strategy, mental doors start to open, your colleagues build trust in your leadership and follow in the direction you set. It helps them if they see you have a plan that guides the organisation’s values, contributes to business growth and efficiency, and most importantly clarifies how their role supports and enhances the sustainability journey. Well aligned staff motivated through sustainability have additional reasons to engage with the organisation – it makes their work more meaningful than just ‘Production’, ‘Finance’ or ‘HR’. A clearly structured and presented strategy helps leaders and colleagues accept major change from sustainability initiatives more easily, because they can relate the changes back to their own values, worldview and the strategic goals of working towards a more sustainable business.

Forget the 50-page PowerPoint or the newsletter, it is the personal and authentic approach that will moves minds and behaviours – when you talk in simple terms regular humans can get their heads around.

This ½ day course focuses on the crafting and delivery of your sustainability strategy message – giving you an opportunity to self-assess and reflect on the clarity of the message, its appeal to the organisation for action and whether it encourages colleagues to engage with sustainability.

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