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Developing an ethical leadership style

Course Outline

What are the characteristics of ethical leadership? How do I demonstrate it in my work? How do I challenge and deal with unethical behaviour?

In daily business life leaders and managers are being asked to make decisions about how human and natural resources are used, the nature of internal and external stakeholder interactions and how the agreed business model weighs up economic growth and the broader context of the organisation in the community.

Understanding the interactions between business ethics and sustainability leadership is a core component in any business leader’s development, and provides a benchmark for future behaviours, skills and attributes. As a change manager and through sustainability an authentic governance, social and environmental conscience for the organisation, your role is to create an atmosphere of decision making that is inclusive of responsible management, and one that communicate through your work and activities the ethical policies, rules and the behaviours other employees should follow.

This 1-day interactive course examines the responsibilities towards business ethics required by modern day leaders in sustainability, its scope, exploring routes to implementing ethical management systems, organisational policies, goals, and communicating management of responsibilities.

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