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Influencing without Authority – Up, Down and Across

Course Outline

To be a good sustainability leader you need to be able to rotate easily between managing up, down and across depending on the situation. It’s quite a juggling act but that’s the nature of sustainability in business – it is cross-functional and company-wide, and you are the ringmaster at the centre of the sustainability circus.

All organisations are different in character and approach, and there is no magic guidebook or training that can offer a guaranteed approach for influencing and leading senior, peer and junior colleagues you don’t have direct control over – you only can control how you interact, influence and convince them to follow you.

This 1-day course looks at respective communication needs of the 3 groups and how an agile approach to communication skills and their application, helps you craft the same message – up, down and across. Giving you an opportunity to self-assess and reflect on the clarity of your message within a safe training environment. The objectives for the day are to identify the preferred styles of communication preferable to each group and person; to understand what he/she wants regarding sustainability – not what you think they should hear; effectively manage and respond to potentially challenging situations; and to self-assess the impact of your preferred communication style is having and alter it accordingly.

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