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Integrating sustainability within Corporate Plans

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Only a very small proportion of sustainability professionals feel positive about the level of progress made within organisations on the transition towards sustainability – lack of coherence with Corporate & Business planning cycles is often cited as one of the key reasons. Lack of business skills training, planning experience and access to planning frameworks are common barriers, similarly unawareness of sustainability issues as strategic opportunities or value-adding factors inhibits the attitude of many strategic planners towards sustainability, often restricting budgets or limiting activities to a QHSE mindset.

All sustainability professionals need to understand and engage in strategic planning activities as agenda setting for the organization, as can help focus sustainability within the priorities, energy and resources of the business for the foreseeable future. It provides opportunities to build strategic relationships, partnerships and to share resources with other parts of the organisation, and thus acts as a valuable roadmap for the promotion of greater corporate sustainability.

This 2-day course with workshop activities provides a unique opportunity to review your progress within strategic planning and to develop further skills, confidence and abilities to integrate sustainability into the heart of your organisation. The focus is on you as a leader and your strategic awareness, vision and determination to enact the next steps in your organisations journey. The course will examine what defines effective strategic planning, the internal and external realities which influence planning activities, help you define your strategic goals and how they could be aligned with organisational strategies, help you recognise the main parties involved in strategic communication networks within the planning process, and finally tips on how to implement an effective strategy to integrate sustainability into corporate plans.

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