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Leading Sustainability & Change in Organisations

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How can you prepare yourself to be a more effective sustainability change agent? If you cannot deliver your vision and strategic plan, who will?

This 2-day interactive course and self-assessment workshop allows you time to think about how you could strengthen your own readiness and effectiveness to initiate, plan and lead change programmes within your organisation. Based on best practice, research and feedback from senior executives on their decision-making, the training allows you time to reflect on and plan your personal development as a strategic change agent for sustainability.

Leadership style, the existing business culture and the challenge faced all have a significant impact on how successfully change programmes embed in organisations. How many initiatives have you seen come and go in your business without any sign of success? Implementing the change is as important as identifying the need for change, yet the two are often split in terms of leadership responsibility and accountability. It is therefore important to examine the context for change, what roles key internal stakeholders will play in sustainability change, and the stages or timescale of change that is planned. How will you manage internal resistance from teams in finance, operations, etc.? What communication styles will be required, what new capabilities need to be brought forward to enable change and ultimately one the organization has transitioned what performance management elements need to be maintained.

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