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Megatrends, Horizon scanning & Benchmarking to Improve Performance

Course Outline

Sustainability issues in business are complex and some of the most difficult challenges facing businesses. Solving them requires multi-stakeholders internally and externally to help drive forward solutions, future issues to be faced and at times overlapping competitor/NGOs and government concerns. Harnessing this mental energy and knowledge, whilst constantly forward the boundaries, is one of the key roles of a modern sustainability leader.

This 1-day interactive workshop focusing on your leadership of risk looks at horizon and future risk scanning, the use of benchmarks and standards to help drive forward performance, and how risk and knowledge portfolios can be strengthened by internal and external stakeholder feedback, interaction within industry forums and peer group workshops. Pooling resources, intelligence, leadership, and common sustainability goals with other companies, even with competitors, can elevate the level of results and make a significant difference.

This course provides help and assistance in three critical leadership areas: helping you in acting as a signpost for future action, benchmarking your own material and process sustainability approached, and to engage positively with stakeholders and competitors sharing knowledge to create opportunities.

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