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Sustainable business practices can revitalise businesses

Business & Sustainability – How They Fit Togather

Reading Time: 8 minutes Bridging the Gap between Sustainability & Business  There are 5 good reasons why many business owners and managers are driving more strategic sustainability approaches in their businesses: Because their current competitors are thinking about itBecause their...

#sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership, asset management, management, stranded assets

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Stranded Assets: Why Sustainability Scenario Appraisals are now part of smart business practice

Reading Time: 4 minutes Smart organisations, especially those utilities vulnerable to climate change or holding traditional fossil fuel investments now need to protect themselves. With increasing national regulations on carbon release, climate regulation and with consumers favouring more sustainable...

#sustainability #business #sustainability in business #leadership #environmentalleadership, asset management, Climate Change, scenario analysis, stranded assets

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