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Business & Sustainability

Businesses around the world are struggling with a new role – sustainability! They are being called on to take greater responsibility for the ways they operate & impact on societies and their environments. They are also being asked to apply sustainability principles to the ways in which they conduct business. An awareness and understanding of sustainability in business, & Sustainability Leadership skills are now an essential part of any ‘effective’ business leader’s toolbox and repertoire.

Environmental Leadership & Responsibility

Environmental leadership focuses on Integrating environmental accountability into the day-to-day business decisions and plans, advocating the principles of sustainability and responsible management. Applied top-down and bottom- up within organisations.

Impact Assessment & Leadership

Our EIA & SEA Leadership courses seek to help young and experienced IA professionals increase their influence, communication and project leadership skills in support of EIA quality, design and the promotion of sustainable development.

Sustainability Leadership & Core Values

The world requires more business and public sector leaders who can restore growth, create jobs and increase access to products, services and livelihood opportunities in a resource‐constrained and low‐trust world.

In House Training – UK and Internationally

We can develop specialist, operational, consultative & strategic training courses for your organisation and its leadership groups. We work closely with you to understanding your Vision, Business strategy, providing guidance and recommendations regarding training solutions and responsible leadership approaches. Helping you to make informed strategic business decisions that reflect your own leadership values and help reflect what you and your organisation stand for.

We also offer customized training to organisations and professional associations delivered in your own choice of location.

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